Monday, April 30, 2012

Memory Quilts

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I've got a new project going on.

A while back, my "Uncle" passed away.  He wasn't really technically an uncle, but our families were so close, that we used those endearing terms for each other.

My cousin asked me to make a few memory quilts for her mother, brother and herself out of old shirts that he used to wear. 

She even sent a few pictures on fabric for me to include.
The quilt tops aren't very soothing to the eye from a fabric stand-point, but I know they will be soothing to the soul!

The tops are all pieced and one of them is quilted and is waiting for binding.  I hope to finish off the other two this week and send them off to her. 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Texas Crossings Quilt

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It's done! I can't believe how quickly I got this one done. In about one week....seriously.

I'm calling it Texas Crossings.  It's a quilt for my Mother-in-law's birthday.  Her birthday isn't until September, don't say anything.  She's from Texas, and although she's lived in Miami forever, she still hollers whenever Texas is mentioned and wears her "Don't mess with Texas" shirt and Texas shaped earrings whenever we have any kind of cultural thing at church.

Quilt for my Mother In Law 

This quilt didn't start out looking like this.  Originally I made a bunch of these blocks that are 6 inches completed.  I planned on putting them sporadically throughout the quilt, no type of pattern or anything.  But as I was laying them out, I saw the + pattern emerging.

Then I thought, "Man, why didn't I just do a plus quilt? I love those?!"

Then  I thought, "No, it makes her quilt more original."

Crinkly goodness
So, here it is.  A variation of the + pattern, as a friend follower pointed out.  And I think it works.  It turned out a little more country-ish than I thought it would...but did I tell you my MIL is from Texas?

Back of the quilt

She'll love it...cause it's from her daughter-in-law...and I gave her 3 grandsons....and she loves me.

If you'd like to see the quilting up close and see the grid of how I did it, see here.

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100th Post Giveaway

Well, this is it. My 100th Post. This has been so much fun. I really like having my little creative place in this world. I've gotten to know a lot of you and have learned so much this year. It's also my first giveaway.

 I was planning on covering this little journal and then giving it away, but let me tell you, life happens. And it happens fast around here. This is one of those Ross finds. The journal used to have a piece of elastic that went around it to keep it closed, but one half of that was out, so I took the rest out. So there's tiny slits on the back cover. It's perfect for sketching up your next bee block or
 whatever you want!


So, whoever wants this little sketch journal can cover it in whatever beautiful fabric they have, or they can use one of these fat quarters of Veranda by Amanda Murphy. (This is from my stash, not a sponsored giveaway, although I'd love to have one of those, too!)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend. I went from a lot of blocks like this: Friday night sewing To piecing the quilt top. My husband was out of town on Friday night, so I had a lot longer to work on it. Friday Night Sewing I pieced the back and then basted it on Saturday. This was the first time I've pieced a back like this...improv piecing. It took a while to finish. The whole time I was making it I was thinking I probably won't do this again for a while. And now that it's done, I probably still won't do it again for a while, but I really like it. So, I guess we'll see. Quilting detail on back Then took the kids to the McD's with the indoor playground and then we watched The Lorax, since it was sooooo rainy here in South Florida. On Sunday I started quilting it. I used the yellow fabric as inspiration for the quilting design. Quilting detail on back I started from the center and worked my way out to each side, making a great big "t". Then I worked on each quadrant as shown in the picture. I really like the way it is turning out. I'm half way done...two more quadrants to go. I'll be done with it this week.
How about you? How was your weekend?
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sparkle Punch Finished

I love this design by Elizabeth over at Oh, Fransson!  She has so many great tutorials.  She comes up with some awesome quilts.  If you haven't checked her out, you should.


So I made this for a friend who has had a long road of trying to get pregnant.  She recently got pregnant within weeks of her sister and sister-in-law.  Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage.  I just can't imagine.  I know she thinks of the baby often.  She is a great Aunt to her nephew and niece, but I know her heart hurts and longs to hold baby Hope.

I hope that she loves this quilt and knows that many hours of prayers have been said for her as I made this.


I used many different fabrics from my stash...too many to name, and I honestly don't know most of the names!

I quilted it by following the lines on the inside and out of the stars. I think it made a great design on the back!


Up close back of Sparkle Punch

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, I've been a bad bloggy friend.  A few sweet girls nominated me for the Liebster Award.  I'm sure you've heard of it....

Anyway, I really wanted to say THANK YOU! And I wanted to tell you who they are. 

Karen who blogs at

Jan May who blogs at

Allison who blogs at

They have great blogs and I really appreciate that they gave me this sweet award.  (Although I don't think I'm going to pass it along...not that there aren't blogs I love...maybe even too much...but I'm going to take a page out of H20 Girl's here.)

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Asterisk Quilt is Complete!

Asterisk Quilt

I LOVE this quilt!  Each and every block is so different.  There are different greens and purples and greys, but it works!

Asterisk Quilt Complete

The ladies from the Quilting for Kids group did an awesome job.  I can't tell you how thankful I am that you all pitched in to make this quilt for "T."  (Read the story here.)

I only had a problem with one of the blocks being a little small, but the rest were perfect.  Do you know how easy it made the piecing?

Back of the quilt

Sarah sent me a surprise with her block.  She sent me 2 yards of this purple marble to use for the quilt.  It added a special little touch to the back.  (You can see I was about 2 inches shy on the one side, so had to add a little white.)


Some of the asterisks were quilted on the outside, like the one above, and some on the inside like the one below.


It was fun and easy for me to put together.  You guys did all the hard work!  Please visit the ladies who made this possible and tell them what a great job they did!

Asterisk Quilt Complete!

The contributors to this quilt (in no particular order) are: (And ladies, if I messed up your link or excluded you, please let me know! And feel free to use any pics for your blog!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP - April 4th

Here's where I am today:

Basted: Asterisk quilt from the Quilting for Kids group
Basted and ready to quilt

Top Finished: Bejeweled Quilt (My 1st Pattern for sale in my etsy shop.)
My new pattern

Top in the works: Sparkle Punch
Look what I'm working on!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Up on the Wall

Well, I'm not even kidding, Random Number Generator picked numbers 1 and 2.

So, Allegory and Laurie, you get a pattern! I've emailed Allegory, but Laurie, you're a no-reply blogger, so I can't get a hold of you.  Please email me your address.

In other news, I have the Asterisk Quilt for Quilting for Kids top and back pieced, but not good pics yet. I hope to baste it this week and begin quilting. I'm thinking straight lines across the quilt in random places. Maybe making some more asterisks in the quilting along the way.

Maybe something like this? Is less more? Any tips? I've never done anything like this before.

On Sunday morning, before church, I started cutting things out for my Sparkle Punch Quilt that Elizabeth made. She has a great tutorial here that you should check out.

Look Shea I'm working on!

I've been wanting to make one for a long time, and now I have the perfect person to give it to.

I have lots I want to get done this week. Hope I make some headway!

Good luck to you this week!

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