Finished Quilts


Taylor's Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Queen Sized Quilt

Caleb's Quilt

Stained Quilt
 My finished stained quilt along quilt.

Olivia's Quilt February 2013 Made with scraps left over from a string quilt

 Linda's Dog Quilt February 2013 Untitled

Silas' Quilt January 2013 Silas' quilt!

Brooke's Quilt January 2013
Brooke's Quilt

Owen's Quilt  January 2013

Grant's Camo Quilt  November 2012

Camo Quilt

ZigZag Quilt June 2012

Patchwork Chevron

Hard Rock Cafe Quilt  May 2012

Hard Rock memory quilt

Memory Quilt for Aunt Andie  May 2012

Done and mailed out today!

Texas Crossing for my Mother In Law      April 2012

Quilt for my Mother In Law

 Sparkle Punch for Raquel    April 2012
Modern Mini Quilt  (South Beach QAL)  Finished February 2012

My Love Grows and Grows for Rebecca January 2012
My Love Grows Quilt

Birdie Stitches for Hannah December 2011
Finished Quilt for Hannah

Doggy Stitches for Jael December 2011
Doggy Stitches Quilt

Ayla's Circles July 2011
Ayla's Circles

Mom's Birthday Quilt August 2011

Front Quilted

Lovely Quilt July 2011


Miami Dolphins Quilts April 2011

Nathan's Miami Dolphins QuiltRylans Miami Dolphins Quilt

Jael's Baby Quilt  November 2010

Jael's first quilt...2 years later
Aiden's Baby Quilt June 2011

Aiden's Mickey