Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Weekend!

I finished up all three of the memory quilts for my Aunt and her grown children.

As I say, "They may not be soothing to the eye, but they will be to the soul." 

I'm glad I could make them.
Done and mailed out today!

I also finished 3 dog bed covers for a friend and sorted my pieces for my Stained quilt. (Should have done that when I cut, but I didn't read the directions!)

My son was baptized at the beach this weekend along with 10 others from our church.  He decided to do this because he wanted to let everyone know that he has asked Jesus into His heart and he wants to show everyone that he wants to live his life the way Jesus showed us is best.  (Now I know that there will be some times when he makes bad choices in life, but this will forever be the best choice he will ever make.)

Untitled Untitled

My husband and father-in-law baptized him.  My son was so excited.  It was a great weekend!

And here's thing 3 at the beach, soaking in the site of the beautiful ocean!



  1. Another little brother! Hurray. Walk in newness of life little man.

  2. Sounds like a weekend packed with meaning! Lovely!

  3. Thanks for posting about your son's baptism. How awesome to be baptized by father and grandfather. What a legacy. Welcome to the family, little one.

  4. My daughter was baptised on Mothers' Day 1994 (aged 8); the best present a mother could have!