Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stained Quilt Top

Narcoleptic in a Cupboard has a great qal that's already be done, but I joined in super late and started and finished my quilt in about two weeks.   I added an extra row on the bottom, so now it's 44.5 x 66.5.  Weird size, I know, but I hate making something that a grown up can't at least curl up under on the couch.

Wow this is a crazy top. Lark fq bundle. Stained qal(Bad inside pics.)

The hardest part? Cutting the pieces. 

Easiest part? Piecing, believe it or not.

Most time consuming?  All of it!  But it's worth it.

Stained quit top done. But rainy day=bad pics

Only thing I would recommend is start with fabric you really love.  Because I didn't really LOVE this fabric, and I still don't.  I just think it's okay.  (It's Lark Dreamer by Amy Butler, by the way.)

 Now, how to quilt it?

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  1. Wow it sure has impact, quite stunning; and sooo much cutting as you said, but I'm sure it will be worth all your effort when it is been used come your next winter. Cheers Glenda

  2. Wonderful Sarah!

    I really love the look of this!! I also agree that piecing is the easiest part, I find preperation the hardest...and cutting out too sometimes.

  3. I really like this quilt - the colors are stunning. I hope the fabric grows on you over time so you love it, too:)

  4. Great quilt lots of cutting I see but it sure is worth it.

  5. This is awesome!! The white breaks up that print perfectly

  6. Are you S******G me?!! Lark is utterly beautiful in my eyes!! One of my favs!
    Consequently I think this quilt is amazing!! Stained is so fun and I agree it was hard sometimes but well worth it.
    I love how the fabric is busy but the pattern sort of controls it and makes it orderly - the is the perfect combination! Gorgeous :)

  7. Your quilt looks amazing!! Way to go on all that cutting!!!

  8. This looks great and it was such a good idea to extend it to the size you want. I hope the fabrics grow on you :)

  9. Love the design - very modern.