Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artsy Fartsy on the Road

Well, hello America.  I've been seeing you!  So far FL, GA, TN, IL, KY, MO, KS, CO, OK....not in that particular order, although it could be...I don't have a map in front of me.

So anyway, lots of cool sites along the way, I'll share a few pics. 

And my need to finish something is really getting to me.  So I put down my hand piecing for a few days and hit up Joann's for some remnant fleece and the boys and I got to work on these cute little monster thingies that they made up.

Arts and crafts on the road

They drew up what they wanted, or told me what they wanted, and we made it a reality!  My first time doing a blanket stitch was successful.  And so far the stuffing is staying in.  The kids thought it was so cool to do this.  We have a bit more fabric left over and will probably make one for my niece for when we see her in a few weeks, but I think we're supposed to make some food for the monster thingies as well.

No really, he likes it...
No really, he likes it.                           Cell phone pic...you can see me in the reflection.


  1. They do look happy with those monsters! Better hope Carman doesn't come along singing "don't want no m... In the house tonight!" -- but then again, you're not in a house! LOL

  2. Oooh, i love little boys and monsters.