Friday, January 10, 2014

A little bit of sewing

Owen got to bring "Hunny" the bear home from school for the weekend.  She is a cute little bear who wears a bright pink dress.  It was funny my boy carrying around a little girl bear for the weekend.  But he enjoyed it so much.  So of course we had to send her back with a little something.  So we made her a little sleeping bag, since she goes on so many sleepovers.  Owen helped for a few minutes on the machine, then lost interest.  But he was very happy to show his teacher his new creation.
Here she is.  Happy and warm with Owen.

I also made a few journal covers for Christmas gifts and added a little trim for their first initials.

I used the tutorial from Rachel at Stitched in Color. I just had to make a few size adjustments, since the paper here in England is different sized than in the US.

And I had this pillow displayed on my couch during the fall.  Yep, it's been that long since I've blogged anything!
Next, I'll share with you my QUEEN SIZED Double Wedding Ring Quilt I made for my mom. Come back to see!


  1. lovely sleeping bag! even a few minutes sewing is a good start!

  2. Love the sleeping bag! Great idea!

  3. How sweet--- glad to hear your son enjoyed her!!