Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Sometime last year I saw the cutest thing on mmmcraft ( 

They were the cutest little mice living in an old altoid tin. I knew that all my little nieces would love this type of thing.  They love little things. So I made a bunch and have them all ready to go to America with my mom later this month. Just in time for Christmas. 

They are all girls except for one. And he had a green Hulk bear. 

They all wrote a little note to their new friend and have special instructions to whisper to the mouse anything they want Aunt Sarah to know and pray about and the mouse will tell me. 

They were fun to make.  Instead of altoid tins (not easy to find here in UK) I bought some cute little tins off of ebay for £1. I forgot to take a pic of the top, but each set of sisters has a different colour mouse and tin so they know who belongs to whom. 

Yay for some Christmas gifts done in October!

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