Saturday, June 18, 2011

Awesome Shopping Day

Can you guess how much I paid for all of this?

I'll give you a hint. It's total value is about $210.00.

I paid............$50.83!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited.

Here's what I bought:
5 packages of bamboo batting 60x60
Set of 4 square block rulers
Package of Hexagon re-usable templates
2 fat quarters 
2 spools of thread
 15 embroidery thread
4 zippers, various colors/sizes
Large buttons 6 pack
Disappearing fine point pen
2 pack baby iron-on
Various pirate stickers for my son's birthday party

The store was relocating.  I never made it until this weekend, which is the last weekend that it will be open. I thought for sure I wouldn't find anything.  The fabric was all taped up and you had to buy the bolt, but really there was not that much left, only some canvas and home fabrics that were nice.
I was pleasantly surprised! And so was hubby!


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