Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's not that bad

Did you ever have one of those projects, where you've started something, then you're not feeling so great about it?
That's what this project was for me.

It started with a charm pack of fabric I wasn't too sure about.

I wanted to try a new design that I've never tried...and since I'm kind of new I thought I would do some of the traditional things, to kind of get them under my belt, so to speak.

So I started with the diamonds.  

Then I put them down....for a long time.....

Then I decided in order for me to start other things that I really want to do, I must finish off the things I've already purchased.  That was the motivation I needed to finish this thing up.

And in the end....I's not that bad.

I've put it up for sale in my etsy shop and will see if anyone likes it.
If not, I'll hold on to it until a friend has a baby girl.  


  1. lol! It's not bad at all. :D

    I'd sure had projects that I'd got going on, then just thought "Oh, this is BLAH!" So I bagged them up and put them on a shelf or under a bed for a long time. The funny thing is, when I picked them back up and continued, I thought they were actually quite nice!

  2. I quite like the lavender solid! I've had projects that came out "blah", too. Bummer!

  3. No, it isn't bad at all. I like the fabrics and the white makes them pop a bit.

  4. I bet a baby girl would love that!