Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas in July!

There will probably be a lot of people talking about Christmas in July....

But I just finished my beautiful Christmas Quilt, so I will be joining them!

Here it is!

Okay, so I joined Lily at and tried my hand at my first Quilt as You Go Project.

I really liked it.  We used her dresden pattern, to make six of these:

Then I was able to free motion quilt with a lot more detail than I've done before, because it was so easy to move the fabric around.

This is the back:

And the front.

The lighting doesn't really show the detail on the front like it does on the back, but in person it shows.

I love this quilt!  Usually I give them away or try to sell them, but this will be mine for a long time!

I've linked up with Lily'sQuilts for Fresh Sewing Day.  Check it out and see what others are doing.


  1. You will be warm and cosy come Christmas in your lovely festive number!

  2. Very pretty Christmas fabrics and I love your quilting!

  3. Oh that's pretty! I must get working on the quilting on mine!

  4. Wow so pretty!! I love how you quilted it.

  5. That is wonderful and the quilting looks great!