Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WiP Wednesday 2

I just love how this

Can go to this
  in a day.

I spent all Sunday evening and into the night cutting things and getting ready to piece. 

I had enough to do four more blocks and this is where I am. 

I ran out of white for the other two. 

I'm dying to get this finished, because it might actually go on my bed!  We'll see how the hubby likes it.  Right now, he uses the family tree quilt I made him and I use my son's old, I'm not posting's not a pretty sight. 

Anyway, I will go to the store when I get a break from these 3 boys, because they absolutely hate going to the quilt store with me.  (I've been known to use it as a motivational tool, "Clean your room or we won't go on a bike ride, we'll just go to Joann's instead!" You should see how fast they move.)

Anyway, I'm linking up with

Stop by at see what other are up to.

Completed quilts awaiting binding:
Forrest Babies

Blocks in Progress:
Birdie Stitches
Doggy Stitches

New Quilt pattern in the works!

My list isn't too long! But I have a lot going on inside my brain! Stay tuned!


  1. oh my, I love your swoon blocks! They are really gorgeous!!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! (And I giggled at your method of 'motivation,' I have to admit! :)

  3. Oh I just love your blocks! What is the pattern?

  4. I love your blocks. My favorite part is piecing it's so much fun to see a quilt come alive...

  5. Is that the swoon pattern from Thimble Blossoms?

    Looks great!

  6. looks so great! I love the Swoon blocks in all colors (and yea, they are so satisfying to sew together). :)

  7. good to know the swoon blocks go together that fast. I will look forward to doing mine in the fall.

  8. I looove your Swoon blocks (from Camille Roskelley at Simplify) - I've made two mini-swoons, and they are sooo fun. Need to make a full quilt one of these days!

  9. My kids hate going in ANY store with me! Love your Swoon!

  10. What a productive day! Great colors together.

  11. This is beautiful!!! I just found out about the Swoon quilt today and I'm in love!!! I've got to make one of these this year!!! Great colors!