Monday, April 8, 2013

A Pillow for my Sis

I have soooo much done.  Made 2 more quilts for my other 2 nieces, finished my huge Swoon quilt, made a memory quilt out of baby clothes, and I'm working on quilting my Bejeweled quilt.
But only a few have been photographed and I've had no time to blog lately.

My house is getting full of boxes, which means a lot of sorting and trashing and garage sales and my heart is full and excited and overwhelmed and I can't believe we're leaving in 63 days and I'm rambling....

Ok, so today I'll show you the pillow I made for my sister, who needs some color on her new gray couch that I love.

A new pillow for my sis. I added a few stitches on the grey crosses.

Olive it. And if she doesn't want it I'll take it. But I think she'll want it. It's all her colors, which are my colors. So I may make a sister pillow to stay at my house in LONDON! Because I'm moving there in 63 days, did I tell ya?

Back to the pillow. I added a few hand stitches in the gray crosses. And the back has a little design element to it. It's an envelope closure for easy washing and I hope she loves it! A new pillow for my sis. I added a few stitches on the grey crosses.

Thank you to Quilt Story for featuring Brooke's quilt today! Talk soon...
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  1. I never get tired of seeing plus quilts!

  2. Oooo, not long to go now! May God be with you in your preparations.

  3. shouldn't you mom have one also?

  4. Some lovly quilts here!!! Whereabouts in London are you moving to? I live near Windsor

  5. LOVE the pillow! good luck with the move :D

  6. Awesome pillow with awesome colors and what an exciting move - London! Will be following your blog to see the other great finishes and updates on your busy move.

  7. Great pillow! Hope your move goes well!

  8. I love the pillow, I just sent a plus quilt to my LAQ and I was just about to go and sew some accent pillows to go with it. Good luck with your move to London, I know exactly what its like to move across the pond having moved to the US from the UK in 2007, its a big move!