Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have 4 new finished quilts to show you...I know I keep telling you.  They're piling up.  But I have one more that I'm trying to finish up before we leave in 53 days!

It's my Bejeweled quilt from the pattern that I wrote, which is for sale here.

I'm trying something new, which I've never been great at: straight line quilting.  I'm using blue painter's tape as a guide, because I started to mark the quilt and decided I'd rather have lines that aren't perfect than waste my time.

It's coming along, but my biggest WIP is packing. 


There's my stash.  In box number 9.  It's packed and ready to fly, or float, however we decide to ship.  I still have batting and my machine and odds and ends and scraps to pack, so if you want to add any scraps to that, I'll give you my address! I've learned that one of my favorite types of projects is scraps.

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday and here's to finishing up one more quilt before I'm out of here!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. 53 days -- wow! Does you mum live close to you? If so, I can feel her pain because right now the removalists are taking away the contents of once was my DD's family home and shifting them 375 miles away! Boo-hoo -- I know God has a plan and all things work together for good, but it still hurts!

    Best wishes as you pack and prepare for the big adventure!

  2. Sad to know that your stash is unacessible, but won't it be lovely to unpack it when you get it back! Try not to buy too much more before you leave!!! We do have fabric shops here too! ( although more expensive and usually smaller, and nothing cheap and cheerful like JoAnns or WalMart!)

  3. Beautiful quilt! Packing is a lot of work!