Friday, March 14, 2014

Double wedding ring quilt

Before I moved to London, my mom asked me to make a quilt for her bed. We knew I would have to make it here in England since time was running out. 
This was the first project I worked on once we settled in. My mom picked out the fabric and I brought all the supplies with me. 
And after many many hours of tedious work, a quilt was born. 

First there was cutring the melons. Then piecing the melons. Then eventually tearing the paper out of the melons. I cannot believe how many hours I spent on this. If this queen sized quilt wasn't for my mother, I would have given up a long time ago. 

Sooo many paper pieces. 

I did an all over free motion quilting to make it easier for me and I had to go to a friend'a house to baste it. It's very hard to find that much floor space in the homes here in London. 
It was my first time with scalloped edges, and actually they weren't that hard! If you're on the fence, go for it!

Here it is on her bed back in Florida. She's very happy. And so am I! 


  1. What a gorgeous piece this quilt turned out to be! No wonder she loves it!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. Wow – just wow! You are a great daughter and a great quilter!

  3. It looks amazing and what an achievement. I feel your pain, I hand pieced my DWR quilt too: and it wasn't as big as yours is.

  4. It's lovely well done! Aren't our houses rediculously small, the builders gave no thought about people needing to baste quilts!!!

  5. This is gorgeous! Well worth your innumerable hours of toil!

  6. Wow, what a lot of love and hard work has gone into this, it looks great and well done for the scalloped binding.

  7. This is amazing! I have been wanting to try a double wedding ring quilt for a while...after seeing all of that paper I might wait a bit longer. LOL. Your quilt is lovely and you mother is one lucky lady.
    - Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

  8. I love that your DWR's are actually Round, not sort of wonky. Would you mind sharing your paper pieced pattern name?
    Love the neutral grey, also. Terrific job!

    1. I've been going crazy trying to find a Round DWR pattern as well! I'm so surprised at how hard it is to find this classic pattern!

  9. A very amazing and beautiful accomplishment. You can be proud of yourself / what a treasure of a gift! :)