Sunday, February 19, 2012

Memory Pillow

Remember when I made the cupcake wedding cake? Cupcake Wedding Cake (Blogged here.)

The cute couple that I made that for are James and Prissila.

When they were saying their "I do's", James said the cutest thing.

The pastor asked, "Do you promise to love Prissila, etc., etc."

He said, "Yes. I do. I promise." Then he laughed nervously and everyone else joined in. It was very sweet.

So I thought I would make them this pillow out of the same fabric from their wedding cake. And to remember that moment forever, I embroidered his words on it.

Pillow for James and Prissila.


  1. Brilliant! Be sure to pack some tissues with it when you give it to them.

  2. that's REALLY cool...a pillow that matches the wedding cake!