Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Hand Project

I really like having something I can take outside with me and work on while I watch the kiddos playing with our neighborhood family. (Of which I am usually the mom, the only mom out there.)

Or I like to sit in bed with the hubs while the kids are sleeping and we're catching up on mostly his shows, but he still wants me to be there with him, and work on something crafty.

Last year it was crazy hexies that I dabbled in, and my Birdie Stitches and Doggy Stitches Quilts with a few little embroidery hoops thrown in.

New project. Wish me luck!

This year, I'm starting my own pattern. It will be a solids quilt, and it will be with hexies. But I'm not totally into the flowers all over the place. I think they are so nice when others do it, but it's not something I want to make, at least not right now.

I will post a pic soon (hopefully by the end of the week) of the first one or two done, and you can tell me what you think. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it looks like the sketch I made said it should!


  1. Oh, I am anxious to see it....love those hexagons....Julierose

  2. You've spiked my curiosity...I really luv all the hexies that I've been seein all over blogland. I just haven't taken the "dip" yet. Me and really small don't dance well together. So, I still need to find a medium sized hexie project. =)