Friday, June 15, 2012

New Project for YOU!

We have a new project for our Quilting for Kids Group!

I received an email from Lorelei.  She found our group through quilty friends online and asked if we could help out.  Her mom and mine have similar stories.  They both work closely with foster children and the job that they hold is very important.  They help decide what is best for the children. 

Read her story and then sign up to help out if you can.

My mom was a foster parent (we adopted two of my sisters this way), then a foster parent trainer and social worker, and now a CASA for children in the system.

My mom just got a new case. Such a sad story. A little 5 year old boy, his mother committed suicide, then his father - in grief - tried to kill himself and the boy. Thankfully, he did not succeed, but his father is now in jail and he is in the system. Would be lovely to have my mom give him a sweet, special blanket.

What Lorelei is looking for is 24 blocks that are made using the tutorial from Katie (swim, bike, quilt).  She posted a great tutorial on Moda.

I-Spy Ten Little Things @modabakeshop

You will need 6 different 5" squares.  Please use boyish fabrics.  No butterflies or flowers, etc.  But don't feel limited to only trucks or cars.  Know what I mean?

Sew those together, then add a solid border around it.

Border colors:  any shade of a solid in green, yellow, orange, red or blue
You will need two 2x9.5" strips and two 2x17" strips.

And you're done!

So, who's up for it?

Head on over to the group discussion and sign up.  And if you haven't joined Flickr, you should! And this is a great group to get started with.  I'd love to help you out and show you the ropes.

Thanks again for all your help in spreading the word.  Don't forget to grab a button over there on the right! --->

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