Monday, June 4, 2012

School's over already?!

Well, almost.  The kids here in South Florida get out on Thursday.  I can't believe it!

But boy, were we blessed with my son's first grade teacher.

She is a gem.  And come to find out, she is retiring this year.  So I wanted to make her something special from the kids.

But I wanted to make her something nice that she could use at home.  And who wants a ton of school looking things at home?  I mean, I was a teacher, and I liked those apples and handprints at school, not at home. 

So this is what I went with.

Front of quilt for Teacher
This is the front.

 Back of Quilt for Rylan's teacher
This is the back.

So now she has something pretty for the home, and when she wraps up in it, she can feel like she's getting a great big hug from all the kids.  (Aw, how sweet. :P )

 I had each child trace their hand and then write their name with a little note to the teacher.  Most wrote, "You're the best teacher in the world," or something similar.

My favorite was, "You give me care."  Now that is sweet.

Up Close
Sew Happy Geek
Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Lovely quilt and a great idea to keep it less 'schooly'!!

    I am a teacher and I don't mind if my kids make me things that are, to be honest, kept at school on a shelf, but when I see tutorials galore for cutesie teachery stuff I sigh a big sigh and keep my fingers crossed that no grateful mother ever makes one for me!

    It's not that I'm ungrateful - although I know it sounds like it!! - but I am not a teacher at home and I like to keep the two as separate as poss! Your quilt is a perfect combo ... yay you!

  2. Wow, if I received this from my students I would be completely amazed/honored/appreciative - great way to go out.. she's lucky to have your son and you sarah! nice work!

  3. What a lovely, thoughtful gift!

  4. What an amazing gift! I imagine you'll see a few tears.

  5. this is so stunning and such a great teacher gift

  6. How beautiful! Both the front and the back are beautiful! She will love it! What a great thing for you to do. : )

  7. What a lovely quilt and such a great idea.

  8. That is incredibly thoughtful of you, and the quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure it will be bittersweet for her to retire, so I'm sure she will really treasure your quilt. :)

  9. this is an amazing teacher appreciation gift! what a lovely note for her to retire on. (and a wonderful message for your kids!)

  10. That is a terrific idea! love it.

  11. Well done! I love the front and you were so wise to put the handprints on the back. Great quilting too :)