Friday, September 28, 2012

Miami Dolphins Quilts

I don't think I've ever shown you these quilts that I made my sons two years ago. It was at the very beginning of my sewing, so be kind.  They really are not the best work that I've done.  But, at that time, I was very proud of them.  And well, to be honest I still am, because my kids LOVE their quilts.

Rylans Miami Dolphins QuiltNathan's Miami Dolphins Quilt

I went to the store with them to let them pick out fabrics, and this is what they wanted.  So, I had to think of something.  I had no rulers, rotary cutters, cutting mats.  Everything was done with drawn lines and scissors.  (I had no clue.)
Rylan's Quilt Nathan's Quilt

They were a great accomplishment for me at that time.  And just look at these boys.  They love their quilts!