Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pin it to win it

WHAT?! Fresh Squeezed Fabric is having a little contest.  If you pin an item from their shop and you get as many repins as it costs in three days, it's yours.    Full information here.

I'm going big or going home.  I'm going for this sweet baby....hopefully I'll get it.  Or I'm going home crying.
Chicopee fat quarter bundle--26 pieces---6-1/2 yards total--Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit Fabrics
                                                                   link to the listing
It's $68.25...so I'm going for 69 repins. 

I'm just a girl on the road for 4 months, in a trailer with 3 boys and a man, with no sewing machine, trying to have a little reward for me when I get home.  Can you help a woman out?

If you have a chance, head over to repin mine.  You help me, I help you.  Leave me a comment if you have one. :)

PINTEREST LINK :  http://pinterest.com/pin/286963807477896559/


  1. I've done it for you Sarah - here's the link tomine. I'd love it if you helped. http://pinterest.com/pin/266979084131281539/

  2. I repinned!! Could you return the favor? Thanks!

  3. Done. Pin mine please? http://pinterest.com/pin/216595063300000021/