Monday, November 19, 2012


First off, I finished my block for the new Quilting for Kids project.  We only need 13 more blocks, and they're quick and easy.  Go on over and sign up if you can.

For quilting for kids

I also just had to share this picture with you.  I made this quilt for my niece two years ago, when she was born.  I never got a picture of it before I sent it off.  It was one of the first quilts I've made.  My sister went with me and picked out the fabrics.

Jael's first quilt...2 years later

What I didn't know when I made this quilt was that it should be quilted closer together.  It had still never been washed because I told my sis that I needed to fix that before it was washed.  Well, she moved twice since then, and I finally had a chance to hand quilt it while I was with her all last week.    She is very pregnant and having premature contractions, basically almost on bed rest.  Her husband had to go out of town so I went up to play with my niece and help keep that baby boy in her belly!

Isn't she a cutie?  Next up is a quilt for Silas, who will be here soon!


  1. She is, indeed, very cute and that is a lovely quilt.

  2. Thanks for posting this again and reminding me I wanted to make a block - just signed up :)