Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flickr Group

So, I have set up a flickr group, hoping that somewhere along the way someone would give one of my tutorials a spin and then display what they've made.

It was just me for a while....but now there are two of us!

And Pippa has posted her creation!

Love it :O)

Just thought I'd share.

In other news....I have one Quilting for Kids quilt done and I have the other one basted.

Here's a picture of my two blood spots. I so hate basting.

I hate basting!


  1. I've done that same thing while basting a quilt and it came out in the wash without any trouble. And I didn't even pretreat it or anything!

  2. What a great place mat idea! I'll have to keep it in mind for next year :-)

  3. Might sound weird, but when the blood is fresh, spit on it and scrub that stain out. Enzymes in the saliva break down the stain. Works like a charm!