Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fresh Sewing October!

I don't have that many pictures of all I completed this month!

Here's a pic of the costumes I made for the boys.

I made my first commissioned quilt.

1st Commissioned Quilt

But since it's been so yucky and rainy here in South Florida, I don't have pretty pictures of it. Just this one. More pictures of this quilt are definitely in order, since it was a huge king sized quilt!

I also made a new Spider Web Place Mat and wrote a tutorial for paper piecing it. Maybe you'll put it on your list for next year?

Tutorial Coming Soon!

Next was a tutorial for putting a picture pocket on a stocking. This stocking went to Lyanna from Purple Panda Quilts. She's collecting them for children in the foster care system where she lives.

Stocking for Foster Children

And I have made a lot of progress on the Quilting for Kids quilts.

One of them is completely done, but like I said, I'm waiting for really nice pictures.

Yes, I use dishwashing gloves to quilt

The other is pieced WITHOUT white sashing and waiting for basting. I can't wait to show you!


Head over to Lily's Quilts and show what you've done this month!
Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Such an awesome projects,you have been very busy.

    The stocking is very cute!!

  2. You have made some lovely things - the quilts are beautiful, and the Halloween spiders so clever!

    Pomona x

  3. Nice projects! I have to say though that I'm in love with you purple quilting gloves!!!

  4. You ahve been busy on many projects!

  5. You've really productive! Hopefully the sun comes out soon in your neck of the woods.

  6. I like the picture pocket stocking! I'll have to add that to my list of projects...