Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quilting for Kids Charming Stars Complete!

Oh how I love this quilt!

Quilting for Kids Charming Stars Quilt

It is beautiful!!!! Have I told you that I did not make this quilt?  Many, many women made this quilt.  Caring and sharing women made this quilt.  I love them for that!

P1010665Quilting for Kids Charming Stars Quilt

This quilt will be given to a girl that my mother works with in the foster care system in Florida.  She has been going through a lot lately.  Hitting those uncertain years of 12-14 years old without a family that cares for you and helps you through it is really hard.  My mother is there for her, but often the girl's love looks like hate because her heart is so wounded and guarded.

P1010667Quilting for Kids Charming Stars Quilt

If you're the praying type, please pray for her.  You can call her "U."  (I can't share her name.)  Pray for her heart to be softened and open to God's love, the only one that won't fail her.  And please pray for my mom, that God would give her wisdom and perseverance with U.

P1010666Quilting for Kids Charming Stars Quilt

A great big hug and Thank YOU to all those helped by sending me blocks to make this possible.
Here is a list of those who helped with this quilt (in no particular order.) Won't you visit their blog or flickr? Tell them what an awesome job they did on their Charming Star block.

Debbe at flickr piecestolove
Ellla  at throwawenchintheworks.blogspot.com
Annaliese at flickr  pewteracorn 
Patricia  at  ziamariadesigns.blogspot.com/
Toni at hoosiertoni.blogspot.com/
Christine  at punkinhandmades.blogspot.com/
Jennifer  at flickr  jenjohnston
Dawn   at flickr  guiltyquilter
Michele  at  http://bacontheneggs.blogspot.com/
Erin  at  www.missymaccreations.blogspot.com
Keera  at  www.Live-love-sew.blogspot.com
Amy at http://www.craftydame.blogspot.com/  
Lu  at http://www.forthelovequilts.blogspot.com/
Selina  at flickr  SelDear
Allegory  at  http://www.sewallegorical.com/

And if you'd like to join the flickr group Quilting for Kids, please do.  I'll be asking for more blocks soon.  This time for a boy in red, black, white, and grey.  More on that later.  But go ahead and join the group so you'll be informed.

The Garden Fence Quilt is 1/3 of the way done...but my machine is being repaired. :( Very sad.  I broke a needle and couldn't find all of it.  I think it went into the machine and can't find it!  After Thanksgiving I'll get that baby out right away!

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  1. Hi. I've come over from fabric Tuesday on quilt story. The quilt is lovely, gorgeous colours. I'm sure the young girl will love it.

  2. So beautiful it came together so nicely! =)

  3. Sarah, the quilt turned out great! I will be happy to help with the boy quilt top,

  4. Sarah, I am so impressed by how this came together, and so glad I was able to be contribute! I hope 'U' can hold on to it for a very long time, through good and bad, and feel all that positive energy :) Count me in on the next one!

  5. Oh, it's good to see the finished product - I'm glad you found me and could point me back here!

    Will definitely pray for U and your mum!

  6. That quilt turned out AMAZING! I'm so glad I was able to contribute. I will be praying for your mom and 'U'.
    I can't wait to see the other quilt finished as well.

  7. What a wonderful quilt! I will keep U in my prayers :)

  8. Will pray for U. Hopefully all the love gone into making this quilt will enter her heart and allow her to love and trust again. Being a mother and grandmother it brakes my heart every time I hear of abused children.

  9. This is the best use of our sewing / quilting skills - making something that demonstrates our caring.

    And, it's so beautiful!

    Sarah, prayer changes things, so of course I'll join in for your mum and U.

  10. That is a beautiful quilt and I will definitely keep your mom and U in my prayers.

  11. Sarah, this came out so beautifully! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for letting me be a little part of this! I'll definitely keep your mom and U. in my prayers!

  12. Oh Sarah, thank you so much for being able to be part of something so Beautiful!

    My prayers go out to 'U' and I pray that the quilt wraps her up and lets her know how much others really do care about her.

  13. WOW, Sarah, you've done an amazing job. I'm sure U will love it forever.

  14. I hope that beautiful quilt will help her realize that other people DO care! It's amazing!

  15. Oh my! oh wow! oh - I ran out of words! It's beautiful, fantastic, fabulous, and absolutely gorgeous. Sewn with love that will soon wrap around this dear daughter of the King (which she is even if she doesn't know it yet).

  16. That is a beautiful quilt, what an a amazing story!

  17. It's so gorgeous! Thanks for letting me participate :-)

  18. I came over from Zia Maria Designs, the quilt is gorgeous!