Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here's a look at a few of the bee blocks I've sent out the past few months.

This was for the 3x6 Bee, where we each make the same pattern block for each member, but use the colors that they specify.
3x6 Bee Blocks
I saw something similar to this along the way somewhere, and used it as inspiration, but I don't think there is an actual pattern for it. I just paper pieced the "rays."

These are the blocks that I received from this quarter. It was a great "hive." I was impressed with the blocks they made!
3x6 bee blocks from fourth quarter

I'm also in the flickr group do. Good stitches. You can go on over and join up if you'd like.

These are a few of the blocks that I've sent in.

Blocks for January do.good stitches. Grace group This was made using the tutorial here from FiTF.

This block is from Quilt Dad called Modern Starlings. Blocks for Grace do. Good stitches

And look at these finished quilts! It is so cool to see my blocks in these quilts. They came together so beautifully.

do. good stitches :: november, hole in the barn door October 2011 Grace Purple & Grey Star Quilt


  1. There is some great looking stuff there Sarah.

  2. I love the purple stars quilt! I am planning a star quilt this year, probably for my mother, and I love the layout. It never occurred to me to add a Swoon block, but it looks great with the smaller blocks.