Monday, January 16, 2012

So, Sewing is not all Sarah does

I like to make my kids' birthday cakes really special.

We start talking about them weeks before their birthday. They get so excited about their special cake.

Here are the cakes I made for my two older boys this year.

Rylan turned 7 in November, and he is all about Tron Legacy. It's a total boy movie.

I made it using cupcakes and just laid them out in the shape I wanted, then added a few more details. The pictures aren't the best, but it was great in person, just what he wanted.

Nathan turned 5 in December. He is all about pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, it doesn't matter. He's there with his pirate hat on.

So I made him this pirate ship cake. It was actually fairly easy. He LOVED it!

How do you make birthdays special?


  1. Cute cakes! I just make cupcakes on birthdays, but my 6 year old is having a pool party...pretty special in my book since I will have to sport my mom bathing suit in front of everyone:)

  2. We made special cakes for DD for all her birthdays up till about twelve; and I mean "we" - I baked, WM decorated! Except for the year I painted a horse on top of her cake using a pastry brush and food colouring!

  3. Aren't you clever!! My son would love both of those cakes and my daughter would love eating them! My mum once made me a pirate ship cake and the sails caught on fire when she lit the candles!!