Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to make a Lemon Squeezy Hexie

Here's the finished product.

First you need to cut out your hexagon. This type of hexie will probably work better with a larger hexagon.

Next I marked a spot on opposite sides of the hexagon, at the same width.  So for this hexie, I counted four and a half triangles in and marked a spot for reference.  This is where you'll line up the top of your bowl or cup for the half-circles.

I used a small bowl to create the circles.  Make sure that the same (or close to) amount of triangles run along the bottom of each half circle, (ie. 9 triangles along the bottom, etc.)

To add the two other half-circles, line up the bowl so that it is touching the two half-circles that are already there, then mark.

Your hexagon should look like this.

Cut your shapes out, but be careful to make sure that they stay in the same place.  So when you're cutting, place the shapes exactly as they are in your hand.  These are not exact measurements, so if they are not in the correct place, they may not fit.
TIP: If things get mixed up, use the triangles on the paper to line things back up like a puzzle.

All cut up.

You're going to baste all paper.  It is probably better to baste using the "through the paper" method when basting curved pieces.  When you're ready to begin sewing, sew according to the picture.
In row 1 and 2, line up the straight edge on the half-circle to the straight edge of the little end piece, then sew.

When the three "rows" are sewn together, then sew row 1 to 3, then row 3 to 2.  It just makes things flow easier this way. 

I hope you're enjoying the hexalong.  I know I've never done anything like this before, but am enjoying the process of making these little things.  I don't quite have a plan as to how I'll put them together, but I like each one.

My creation


  1. So many new ideas to consider with each new variation!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant idea and tute - how do you fancy expanding this into a guest post and posting it on my blog as part of the hexalong - email me at lilysquilts @ gmail . com if you're interested and we'll set it up and I'll take you through how to set up your guest post on my blog without changing my settings as one guest poster accidentally did LOL!