Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Oh so much has been going on!  It's been a great week.  Here's the update.  (So glad this keeps me accountable and going!)

This is part of the Summer Sampler Series.  I'm almost caught up.  There are some I like, others not so much, but I think it all works together.  And yes....my Mosaic is all wrong...I think I'll go back and fix it.  But don't quote me on that.
Here we are so far...

These are some of my funky hexies that I've been making for the Hexalong with Lily's Quilts.  I'm enjoying making these at night when the kids are asleep and the sewing machine is off.  But not sure how they'll all get along. I have a tutorial for the yellow  "Lemon Squeezie" Hexie here.
My creation

Also, my niece has been staying with us for a few days (I love summer for that!)  And we made a flower pillow.  We saw a tutorial here and gave it a try.  She did a great job. 

Taylor's flower pillow

And....for the Swoon Quilt Saga....the quilt top is complete.  Do you really want to see another picture of it? Again?  Ok....here ya go. 
The reason it's a "saga" is because my husband says it's not our "style" and that it's not for our bed.  :( So sad! I think I'll try again once it's quilted.  

So there we are!  I'm linking up with some cool ladies:

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  1. Your summer sampler is gorgeous! For that matter the swoon quilt is too!

  2. oh! I *really* love how the fabrics are playing out in your Summer Sampler.

  3. Love your summer sampler blocks!

  4. Everything looks great! Your niece's pillow looks like a fun project!

  5. Love that flower pillow! How fun!

  6. Your sampler quilt looks great! I just started, and am having a lot of fun! With 2 boys of my own, I got a chuckle out of your profile! I was just telling my DH that sewing is about the only thing I do that stays done LOL.

  7. Summer Sampler and Swoon. Wow. Great job on both.