Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Bee

I've just completed the blocks for my very first mini bee ever.

There's a whole group of quilters doing this over at the flicker group.

There are 6 people in each "hive."  Each person tells the others two or three colors that they want their quilt to be.  Each person then makes the same block in each color palette that the others have chosen.

So I made five blocks to send out to others.  I also made a block for me, in the colors that I chose, as a way to test the pattern.

In the end, after I receive my blocks, I'll have 6 different blocks made with different fabrics.  I can't wait to get mine and see how they go together.

Here is a picture of the blocks I made.

Hive 2 quarter 3
Denise's Star

As you can see, the colors are very different.  Some are for boys' quilts, so I didn't want anything too girlie.

I had a good time making them and now I'm sending them off!


  1. They look great! I really like that yellow/grey one.

  2. This sounds like a fun group to bee in. The stars are great. Chrisb

  3. That certainly is an interesting block. I love seeing how the same thing can look so different when interpreted in different fabrics!

  4. i love your block. i pinned your block yesterday to use as an extra block in my farmer's wife quilt. thanks for giving me the idea!

  5. First - visiting from Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet so Heya! I'll be following you so keep the beautiful blocks coming.

    Secondly - I am so jealous you are in a Bee! Where do I find one? I am dying to get in on one and this one looks lovely. I really love those blocks! Which one, the test one, is yours?


  6. this block is so cool! The star in star has so many color possibilities and you've done wonderfully with them!

  7. that is a really cool star block!

  8. I LOVE these blocks! Like the color combos too. I came over from Lily's SBM, hope you don't mind another follower. :) Looking forward to seeing more projects. :)

  9. Those stars in stars look great!

  10. Love the stars and it's nice to see some "boy" stuff. I found you at Lilly's Quilts. I love the name of your blog - just too fun!

  11. These blocks are so fun! I LOVE the one on the bottom left.
    p.s. Any idea what happened to the Charming Squares Tutorial from Moda Bake Shop. It seems to be missing. I'm done with my Garden Fence block and would love to finish the other. Let me know...
    Thanks! :-)

  12. How absolutely fun and beautiful! I'd love to make Denise's Star sometimes soon. I'm a little intimidated by this one, but I'm so glad you included the link.