Friday, August 5, 2011

Think Outside the Hexagon

I've seen some great examples in this Hexalong of using more than 
one hexagon to create a unified pattern.

Here are a few:

Hex #12

Look at the star is this 3 in 1 by lizquiltz.  I think it's amazing!


Here's another one by Lynne at lilysquilts.

I just love how flickr allows us to share all of these ideas.  Here's the link to LilysQuilts Flickr .

I have been inspired to "think outside the hexagon."

I have a few different ideas swirling around in my head, but alas, 
my hands will only allow me to do one at a time.  

So here is a completed 7 in 1 hexagon:

7 in 1

My husband think that it would be really cool to do a whole quilt with these, and I do, too.  

But then when would I have time to make all of these other 
crazy ideas that I have in my head come to life?


  1. Glad you like my star. I love your 7 in 1. I studied both Lizzie's and Janet's (Quiltsalott) very carefully. Janet has several good closeup pics on her blog.

  2. Wow. W.O.W. I'm starting to plan my first ever hexie project, and can't quite decide what colours to choose, let alone getting fancy like this! They're gorgeous!

    New follower from Lily's Quilts xx