Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mom's Birthday

My Mom is great. She really is.  She is so great, that for her 50th birthday, my sister-in-law gave her a granddaughter.   And then for her 60th birthday, I gave her a grandson!  Can you believe it?  Two grandkids born on your birthday?  August 24th is a busy day around our family.

So this may not be the "best" gift she's ever received, because how can you top two grandkids? But she says this is the best "non-living" gift she's received (from me, at least) and she's very happy with it.

Here she is holding it up.  She didn't even want me to show her feet.

Front Quilted

And here's the back.

Back Quilted

I basically just traced around the existing lines for the quilting.

I also added a special note for her on the back:

Tag for Mom's Quilt
"I love you, Mom! You're the best. <3 Sarah 2011"

I stitched this and then whip stitched it on to the back. I also had this great fabric that says, "I love my family" and "One big crazy family." These statements go great with our family.

I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Sarah's mum.

    Lovely, colourful quilt!

  2. Sarah, thank you for my very special birthday gift. it is so beautiful and made with much love. i truly am blessed to have such a wonderful family.

  3. Beautiful..and I love the quilting! :)

  4. Sarah, it is beautiful! Fabulous borders! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  5. That quilt is unreal...Make sure no one else takes a liking to it in the family...!